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Interested in being part of our upcoming productions this season? Then keep reading.  See below for most up to date opportunities and to find out more about our company and how you can join us!! 




We are not like other companies where you perform in a theater. There are no dressing rooms or stages. We perform everywhere!  Here's a list of just a few of the types of places we've performed in:

  • Community parks

  • Historic Mansions

  • Libraries

  • Schools

  • Court houses

  • Wineries

So expect the unexpected.  We are looking for actors who are flexible, team players, and who can roll with just about any situation.   We work with small cast sizes, and all actors help with all aspects of production.  We set up and break down our set every night.  It can be hot, muggy, or cold, and sometimes rain happens.  But, the casts who have the most fun are the ones who laugh at everything, and just take joy in the experience of performing outside and can roll with the unexpected nature of outdoor Shakespeare.  

Where and when are rehearsals?  Most of our actors reside in Manhattan (although we LOVE Jersey actors too!!) so this year, rehearsals will take place in NYC at a studio space.  Rehearsals occur weeknights (6-9pm) and some weekend days about 3 - 4 times per week.  

When and where are shows?  Northern, NJ, and our final show is a day trip to Stratford.  If you want to know more about specific venues, check out our venues page. Shows occur weeknights and weekends about 4 -5 times a week for a 3 week run.  Please note that call times are usually 2 hours before the show time.  This is to allow for travel to the venue. 

PAY? Rehearsals are unpaid, but we try and schedule everyone with consideration of outside conflicts and will not call you in on an unnecessary night where you are not needed. Transportation from Jersey City and to and from all show locations is provided by the company.  

ANY OTHER ADDITIONAL PAY:  Actors are given a small stipend.  Unfortunately, we are not able to afford a living wage for actors, but we do offer a stipend.  We understand that not all actors can afford to do this.  However, please, in return of this consideration, we ask respectfully that you read this information and DO NOT SUBMIT for an audition if you know you cannot afford to do an unpaid show.  There are many costs associated with running a theater, and we operate on a shoe string budget.  Please do not email us asking for additional pay.  

HOUSING? No, all of our performers are local. 


Check back here (or on Backstage.com) in April of 2020 to see what we'll be casting for in our upcoming season.

In order to submit, please send your headshot and resume to hscauditions@gmail.com 

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