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Check out what audiences are saying!

"Hudson Shakespeare Company, by reaching an astute – and as far as I know, original – revelation about the play.. . . .highly entertaining production. . . . What may seem like a re-imaging of Macbeth, may actually bring the play back to [its] roots. . It was impressively strange, sometimes sinister relentless and ultra-euro. . . .sheer fun to watch. . . .spine-tingling freak show. . . .incredibly eerie. . .  .”

Macbeth, 2013

"Hudson[Shakespeare Company] found the play’s strength. The ensemble always has a briskness to its pace, which makes their productions always compelling and you are caught up in the story. "  - Henry VIII

""Clever, compelling and completely entrancing. . . . It’s one thing after another, action, tragedy, romance and comedy blended together as only Shakespeare can,– I was utterly entertained and often at the edge of my seat. The performance equaled the language.. . . . . fascinating. . . . . artistically brilliant. . . . . What great theater.  I’m still buzzed.” Pericles, 2014

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