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by Christopher Marlowe. Directed by Jon Ciccarelli with Movement Direction by Noelle Fair. Fight Choreography by Dispatch Combat Collective.  CAST: Doctor Faustus (Zachary Hendrickson), Mephistophiles/Wagner (Sean McCullough), Scholar 1/Good Angel/Greed/Sloth/Pope/Alexander the GreatRalph/Duke of Vanholt (Madison Wright), Scholar 2/Evil Angel/Robin/Duchess of Vanholt/Wrath/Lechery/Friar/Paramour (Arielle Legere), Scholar 3/Lucifer/Valdes/Cardinal of Lorraine/Emperor/Gluttony (Sabrina Fara Tosti), Scholar 4/Cornelia/Pride/Envy/Helen of Troy/Knight/Devil Wife/Vitner (Ashley Robyn Patten)

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