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Want us to add your local park or library to our tour?  We'd be happy to discuss the potential of bringing our FREE, easy, and entertaining Shakespeare performances to a venue near you!  Please Email  

Lambert Tower at Garrett Mountain

January 01, 2020

New in 2018!

This is one of two locations in Garrett Mountain.  This one is about halfway up the hill, and admittedly parking is scarce, so you may need to get there early in order to park and then walk to the park.  Bathrooms are also not really close by.  Bring a picnic blanket or lawn chair and join us at this beautiful and historic location.  Unfortunately, the Castle will be closed during performances so you won't be able to climb up the tower.

Rifle Camp Park Ampitheatre

January 01, 2020

New in 2018!

387 Rifle Camp Rd, Woodland Park, NJ 07424

The ampitheatre is located not too far off the entrance to the park.  This beautiful clearing in the woods is the perfect summer venue for Shakespeare in the Park as well as summer concerts and other events.  We are so excited to perform in this park next year.  The theatre is located at the bottom of a hill.  Bring a lawn chair or picnic blanket and grab a seat on the lawn.  Bug spray recommended.  Parking is located up the hill from the theater as well as bathrooms.  

Buchmuller Park Ampitheater $ Seacaucus Memorial Library

January 01, 2020

106 First Avenue; Secaucus, New Jersey 07094

If it rains, we perform inside the library in their upstairs meeting room.  No need to bring chairs because they provide it for you!

If its nice, however, we move the show outdoors to Eckel Park where there is a large ampitheater just inside the gates of the park. Bathrooms on site and this park also features tons of things for little ones to do so come early and check out the various playgrounds, handball court, basketball court, and baseball field! 

Dey Mansion, Wayne NY

January 01, 2020

New in 2018!

199 Totowa Rd, Wayne, NJ 07470

From their website: "The Dey Mansion, a superb example of Georgian architecture, achieved national recognition as General George Washington’s revolutionary war headquarters in the Preakness Valley. Constructed between 1740-1750 by Dirck Dey, a Dutch-born planter, the mansion is an amalgam of Dutch and English influences, a rich and dramatic composition of country and urban elements that had few mid-18th century counterparts west of the Hudson River."

We perform on the back lawn of the Mansion. Parking is available on the premises itself and bathrooms are close by. Bring a lawn chair or blanket and come early to make use of the picnic tables and have a picnic!

The Pond at Garrett Mountain

January 01, 2020

New in 2018!

This beautiful new venue for 2018 is situated on Garrett Mountain in Passaic County, NJ.  Situated at the bottom of the park, its situated opposite the Boathouse and has an open field, with access to bathrooms and parking lot right next to the space.  The backdrop is this beautiful pond situated between two h

Historic Harismus Cemetery

January 01, 2020

435 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07302
This venue is NOT for the faint of heart! It is a real, live, active graveyard, however, it is RICH with history which the volunteers who work there are happy to boast about and show you around.  This venue is accessible via the PATH to our NYC residents, just get off at the Grove St. stop and follow Newark all the way to the graveyard.  For this venue, we generally perform on the concrete area.  The venue does have extra seats incase you forget yours, but please feel free to bring your own.  BUG SPRAY REQUIRED for this venue (although if you run out, the venue does carry extra). If it rains, they pull out the tents, so come on down rain or shine.  
Please be advised, this is our one venue that charges a $10 SUGGESTED DONATION.  Proceeds go towards preserving this historic landmark run by volunteers, and veterans of our US armed forces!

Hackensack Performing Arts Center

January 01, 2020

102 State Street (at the corner of Warren), 

Hackensack, NJ 07601

New in 2015>  We helped to open this beautiful new venue, and we are proud to be continuing to perform here.  This is Hackensack's new Arts Center at State Street.  Out back is a concrete ampitheatre with a lawn facing the stage.  Bring a lawn chair, or picnic blanket and hang out with us on the beautiful lawn and enjoy the new scenery! 

Hamilton Park, Jersey City, NJ

January 01, 2020

McWilliams Place @ 8th Street

Jersey City, NJ 07302


This bustling neighborhood park is located near the Newport Mall in Jersey City, and just off the Grove Street and Newport stops on the PATH train.  


Hamilton Park usually holds our season and show openers and provide us with a great turn out from our audiences, so be sure to get there early in order to get a good seat!   On that note, audiences at this venue are usually local and tend to only bring a blanket or soft towel to sit on.  The audience sits on stadium like seating, so no need to bring chairs!  


If rain occurs, we just move the show underneath the gazebo, so come on down, rain or shine!

Westfield Memorial Library

January 01, 2020

550 East Broad Street

Westfield, NJ 07090


 The performance space is located inside the library in their meeting room.  Chairs provided and the performance is free!  Come on down, rain or shine! 

Kenilworth Public Library, Kenilworth NJ

January 01, 2020

48 Bouelvard, 

Kenilworth, NJ 07033


DId you hear that we used to perform on a football field?  Well, we did, but now we've moved indoors permanently with Kenilworth Library!


No need for bug spray, lawn chairs, or blankets - this venue is indoors in air conditioning in the midst of the blistering summer season and our actors are usually grateful for the reprieve.  Audience seating will be set up for you in advance, so please come on down and enjoy an evening of intimate theatre.


Oh, and watch out for the actors in the book stalls, they love to catch up on some reading in between scenes!  

Stratford Public Library, Stratford CT

January 01, 2020

2203 Main Street, 

Stratford, CT 06615


Yes, Connecticut!  This beautiful little town is usually the last stop on our tour and we absolutely love capping off with the supportive, Stratford audiences!


At the back of the library in Stratford, CT is a beautiful, stone courtyard which is next to a historic graveyard - this is where we perform.


Sunscreen is usually needed at this venue, due to the fact we regularly perform matinee's here, and it can get rather sunny.  If it rains, we move indoors to the Lovell Reading room, so come on down, rain or shine! 

Monument Park, Fort Lee NJ

January 01, 2020

Palisade Avenue and Angioletti Place, 

Fort Lee, NJ 07024


This is a nice neighborhood park located not too far from the George Washington Bridge.  


This park boasts beautiful film history and has a lovely, manicured lawn for audience members to sit on.  Fort Lee does provide a few chairs, but audiences mostly bring their own lawn chairs and blankets. Also, don't forget a jacket or sweatshirt as it does tend to get chilly as the evening hours roll in.Close to this park is a bunch of deli's and dining establishments, so grab some food and beverage and join us for some Shakespeare in the Park! 

If it rains, we move into the library.

Van Vorst Park, Jersey City NJ

January 03, 2023

281 Monstgomery Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302


Van Vorst Park is located within a few blocks of the Grove Street PATH station on the Journal Square (JSQ) line.  It is one of the few parks accessible to New York City residents who travel on public transit.  In the middle of the park, you will see a raised gazebo, to the left of the gazebo is a lawn with a flagpole in the middle of it - this is where we set up for performances.  Bring a lawn chair, blanket, and some goodies to share with friends - and don't forget the bug spray at this location!  


If it rains, we just move the performance underneath the gazebo. 

Long Pond Ironworks State Park

February 23, 2023

This venue is usually a one-stop show on our tour, which only the August show travels to, so its incredibly unique in that they only host ONE SHOW a year!  So you need to catch us before we're gone!


The grass here can be high, so its a good idea to bring along a lawn chair, and be sure to get there early as the audience seating tends to fill up quickly.  Also, make sure to to use the restroom at the Visitor's Center before settling down for the performance, as there is NO BATHROOM on site!


Bug spray recommended here. 

Incase of rain, the Visitor's Center on site as a room in which we move the performance so the show will go on, rain or shine. 

Frank Sinatra Park, Hoboken NJ

May 28, 2023

This venue boasts some of the most spectacular views of the New York City skyline and is a favorite among the actors in our shows.  This venue is accessible via Hoboken PATH, once you come to the street level, follow Sinatra Drive until you reach the Greek collessium looking area - you've found it.

This venue is regularly windy as its on the waterfront, so you may do well to bring a jacket or sweatshirt.  Also, if sitting on hard concrete isn't your thing, feel free to bring a blanket, although we don't reccomend bringing chairs, the audience sits on raised, stadium like seating!


Unfortunately, if it rains, we have to cancel the performance.

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