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New Works Play Competition

Hello Hudson Shakespeare fans!

As you may have noticed, we're overly busy this year - but its entirely for good reason. This is our 25th anniversary as a company and we are so excited with all the many things going on, we can't even wait for 2016 to begin, we had to start now.

After a short break from our summer season, we embarked on some new projects - a New Works Play Competition. Being located next to one of the biggest artistic cities in the US, we have the luxury of being exposed to all kinds of new works. We wanted to get in on the action, and so decided to sponsor a context in whcih playwrights could submit their plays for consideration in our 2016 season. We recieved about 200 submissions from playwrights all over the country (with even some international submissions) and we chose 3 finalists to present 15 minutes of their play as a staged reading in front of an audience. The audience would then vote on which play they wished to see performed in its entirety.

The three plays were. . .

  • WRONG NUMBER by Nedra Petzold Roberts

  • RANDOM ACCESS by Mary Carol Stunkel

  • GOOD by James McLindon

The result was a really eclectic evening of plays which all shined in their own way. WRONG NUMBER was delightfully charming, witty, and heartfelt. RANDOM ACCESS was thoughtful and passionate, and GOOD was sharp and hysterical. We really enjoyed seeing all these plays.

Out of the three plays, the winner was . . . . . . drum roll please . . . . . .WRONG NUMBER by Nedra Roberts.

The play will make its premiere in NYC in the fall of 2016!

Stay tuned as we get closer to production time as we'll be documenting our journey through this new, unique experience of mounting a new play!

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