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Quick Questions with Prince Florizel!

In this series of quick questions, we want you to QUICKLY (see what I did there? (o: Okay, never mind . . . . ) get to know our cast for the Shake-in-a-Day Series. This fantastically fun set of individuals will be joining us January 14th, 2017 at the Westbeth Community Arts Room (55 Bethune Street in NYC) for a one-night only Shakespeare event. Don't miss it!

This time we'd like you to meet Ryan Molloy! Ryan is joining us once again after having appeared last year in several of our shows. Last year Ryan took part in our school tour of Twelfth Night pulling double duty as twin Sebastian and the hilarious, and foolishly in love Malvolio. Ryan also appeared in our library tour of Almost, Maine as several townies hopelessly and endlessly falling in and out of love. HSC summer regulars may also recognize Ryan as the titular King Richard II in the first play of our history cycle. This time we're deposing him to become the impulsive Prince Florizel who falls in love with a shepherdess. (Hmm, we're sort of noticing a pattern here. Ryan's good at falling in love.) We're thrilled to have Ryan back and we know he will be amazing as the young prince. Come see this lovable goober in action on January 14th @ 8pm in the The Winter's Tale

Q: What's your favorite activity to do in the Winter?

RYAN: Favorite activity is staying inside and sipping tea, reading by the light of a fully decorated Christmas tree.

Q: What's something unique about you?

RYAN: Something unique about me is that I've swam in Loch Ness on a bet once. It was in August, Still pretty cold tho.

Q: What animal would you want your exit to be pursued by in your own Winter's Tale?

RYAN: My exit would definitely be pursued by a walrus. Because I'm pretty sure I can outrun one of those :D

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