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Meet Ryan! (Malvolio/Sebastian)

On our third installment of cast interviews, we are excited to introduce you to Ryan Molloy who plays the other lost twin, Sebastian, and the "devil puritan" Malvolio. Ryan's Sebastian is rather a charmer until Olivia shows up and takes him by surprise, and Malvolio - well, he's a stuck up butler who gets an unfortunate prank played on him. Read all about Ryan who plays these two contrasting and exciting roles!

Q. Where are your originally from and what do you love most about your hometown?

RYAN: I’m originally from Bedford Massachusetts, a town I appreciate most for how pretty it is during the Fall. That and how conveniently close to Boston it is.

Q. In Twelfth Night, twins Viola and Sebastian are shipwrecked on a strange island. What three things would you want to have with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

RYAN: Three things I’d want to bring with me on an island…probably a complete works of Shakespeare (or of HP Lovecraft if for some reason I couldn’t get that), a juicer for fruit, and a grappling hook of some kind to climb trees (and get said fruit).

Q, Many of the characters in Twelfth Night talk about their clothes and style of dress0 - how do you define your personal style? Describe it for us.

RYAN: My personal style is pretty laid back while still looking pretty put together. Ideally I’m wearing a pair of comfortable but still well fitted pants and a Henley. I also like to rock the hooded zip-up sweatshirt under a collared jacket look from time to time.

Q. You, the actors, will constantly be changing roles and genders within the show - what do you think you'd be like as the opposite gender?

RYAN: Anyone who’s met my youngest sister knows the answer to this question. My youngest sister Brooke and I share the same off-brand sense of humor, we both love horror movies and have very similar music tastes. So if she didn’t hate reading (and was a little less cool) she’d pretty much be girl-me. (I also think that if I were a girl I’d be better at drawing for some reason. Which Brooke is, so there you go!)

Q. Twelfth Night features lots of music - who is your favorite band or singer? What is your favorite song by them?

RYAN: My favorite band is probably Radiohead. I love their weird artsy style and am always surprised by what they manage to put together. “There, There” is probably my favorite track, off of “Hail to the Thief”.

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