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New for the new year! We are bringing you Shake-in-a-Day! What is Shake-in-a-Day you may ask? Well, read on to find out.

15 actors meet to rehearse most obscenely and bravely. . . .Well, not really. In fact, they are not rehearsing at all! A combination of Improv meets Original Shakespeare Company's approach. Actors will meet for the first time, having only memorized their lines, and perform in front of a live audience! The actors provide the costumes, the audience provides the props, and we provide the booze. What will ensue? Well, it's anyone's guess. There are a couple of rules however that both actors and audience must follow (don't worry, they're fun rules, so read on!)

Make sure you brush up your Shakespeare, and come check out one of our Shake-in-a-Day events this year. They are sure to be a lot of fun and full of surprises.

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