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Quick Questions with Dion and Dorcas!

In this series of quick questions, we want you to QUICKLY (see what I did there? (o: Okay, never mind . . . . ) get to know our cast for the Shake-in-a-Day Series. This fantastically fun set of individuals will be joining us January 14th, 2017 at the Westbeth Community Arts Room (55 Bethune Street in NYC) for a one-night only Shakespeare event. Don't miss it!

It's time for another round of Quick Questions, and we are really excited this time to introduce you to the bubbly Laurel Andersen! Laurel will be playing the dual role of Dorcas, the ditsy shepherdess, and Dion, the devoted post who has been sent to the Island of Delphos to retrieve the Oracle from the god of Apollo. This is Laurel's first time with the company, even though she has worked with several of our members previously. We are thrilled to have her along and cannot wait to see what she will do with these two very different roles. Make sure to check her out January `14th @ 8pm in NYC in The Winter's Tale.

Q: What's your favorite activity to do in the Winter?

LAUREL: Consuming hot drinks of every stripe. Especially if they're alcoholic. (Mulled wine, come AT me.)

Q: What's something unique about you?

LAUREL: I have seen/read/heard/consumed every single version of the Phantom of the Opera story ever made. Movies? Check. Books? Check. Musicals? Check. Porn? Check-a-doodle. (Yes, it exists. No regrets.) (Okay, some regrets.) Why? I can't tell you. But unless there's a Phantom cereal out there ( there?) I've covered the board. Q: What animal would you want your exit to be pursued by in your own Winter's Tale?

LAUREL: Toothless baby otters. Multiple.

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